About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Macedonian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (Mace­d. J. Chem. Chem. Eng.) is an official publication of the Society of Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia co-published with the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. It is a not-for-profit open acess journal published twice a year. The journal publishes ori­ginal scientific papers, short commu­ni­ca­tions, reviews and educational papers from all fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, food technology, biotechnology and material sciences, metallurgy and related fields. The papers pub­lished in the Journal are summarized in Che­mi­cal Abstracts.

This journal also publishes, continuously or occasionally, the bibliographies of the members of the Society, book reviews, reports on meetings, i­n­formation on future meetings, important events and dates, and various headings which contribute to the development of the corresponding scientific field.

Original scientific papers report unpublished results of completed original scientific research. Experimental data should be presented in a way that enables reproduction and verification of analyses and deductions on which the conclusions are based. Manuscripts should normally not exceed 6000 words.

Short communications should also contain completed but briefly presented results of original scientific research. Manuscripts should normally not exceed 2000 words.

Reviews are submitted at the invitation of the Editorial Board. They should be critical surveys of an area in which the author himself is active i.e. has a significant publication record. The reviews can be longer than typical research articles but should generally be limited to 10000 words including references, tables and figures.

Educational papers report on the activities in the laboratory and classroom and the needs of the community of educators in all mentioned fields. Manuscripts should normally not exceed 4000 words.

Macedonian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is using the WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway for long term preservation of its content.

Peer Review Process

Papers received by the Editorial Board are sent to at least two referees. Although authors are invited to suggest reviewers who are competent to examine their manuscript, the Editorial Board is not limited to such suggestions. Identities of the reviewers will not be released to the authors. The review process is expected to be complete within 3 months, but conflicting recommendations, difficulties finding peer reviewers and other unpredictable events may cause some delay.

The comments and recommendations of the referees and the Editorial Board are sent to the authors for further action. The authors are allowed 30 days to undertake revisions and return the corrected text to the Editorial Board. The final decision on acceptance or rejection is made by the Editorial Board. This decision, together with any relevant reasons, will be send to the corresponding author.