Graphene/(h-BN) n/X-doped graphene as anode material in lithium ion batteries (X=Li, Be, B and N)

Majid Monajjemi


Abstract: In this study Boron nitride sheet has been localized inside two X-graphene electrodes as an option to enhance the electrochemical ratio. Additionally, we have found the structure of X-G/(h-BN)n/X-G (N = 2–5) can improve the capacity and electrical transport in C-BN sheet-based LIBs. Therefore, the modification of BN sheets and design of X-G/ (h-BN)n/X-G structure provide strategies for improving the performance of BN-G-based anodes. X-G/(h-BN)n/X-G could also be assembled into free- standing electrodes without any binder or current collector, which will lead to increased specific energy density for the overall battery design. In this work the measured reversible lithium ion capacities of X-G//(h-BN)//X-G (X = Be, B, N) based anodes are considerably improved compared to the conventional graphite-based anodes


Graphene, Doping, Anode lithium, Ion battery, LIBs, Nano capacitor

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