Isolation of Artonin E from the root bark of Artocarpus rigida, synthesis of Artonin E acetate and evaluation of anticancer activity

Tati Suhartati, Hernawan Hernawan, Jhons F. Suwandi, Yandri Yandri, Sutopo Hadi


Artonin E was isolated from the root bark of A. rigida. The isolated compound was then esterified using a known procedure by the addition of acetic anhydride with pyridine catalyst. The structure of the synthesized compound was carefully determined by physical and spectroscopic techniques and compared to the data in the literature. The anticancer activity test against murine leukemia cancer cells P-388 showed that the ester compound has good activity with an IC50 of 2.79 μg/mL and much better stability during storage compared to Artonin E itself.


A. rigida; artonin E acetate; esterification; anticancer activity

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