Behavior of transport and separation of lanthanum, yttrium and lutetium metal ions through celluose fiber supported solid membrane

Abaji G Gaikwad


A novel idea explored was to study the behavior of transport and separation of lanthanum, yttrium and lutetium metal ions by using cellulose fiber supported solid membrane. The cellulose fiber membrane was prepared by chemical modification of cellulose fiber by esterification reaction with citric acid. Different experimental variables such as time variation, membrane length, stirrings of source and receiving phase, pH of source phase, different stripping agents  such as nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium nitrate, ammonium thoicyanate, D2EHPA, TBP, Aliquat-336, tartaric acid, EDTA, organic solvents, etc in receiving phase were explored. Pre-concentration of lanthanum, yttrium and lutetium metal ions from dilute solution was carried out.


Keywords: Cellulose fiber membrane, lanthanum; yttrium and lutetium metal ions; transport studies; separations; complexing reagent; binary mixtures; citric acid;

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