Meteorite Struga – overview of previous chemical and recent spectroscopic analyses

Biljana Minčeva-Šukarova


Meteorite Struga fell more than 35 years ago near the town of Struga, Republic of Macedonia. Its fall was notified in the Bulletien of the Geological Institute in Skopje in 1973. Since that time, only one chemical analysis has been reported (in 1990) and most recently, preliminary spectrosocpic investigations (in 2006 and in 2008) have been performed. However, this meteorite has not yet been classified in the World’s Database of Meteorites. The aim of this paper is to collect and summarize all available data published until now on this meteorite and open the possibility to clasify it and list it in the World’s Database of Meteorites. In order to make the results more available, the details of the previous chemical and the recent spectrosocpic analyses on this meteorite are presented in this paper. Collected information from both analyses were used for the description of the characteristics of this meteorite. Previous chemical analysis and the recent spectrosocpic investigations are in good agreement and confirm the earlier classification of this meteorite as stony chondrite of H type.


stony chondrite; minerals in meteorites; chemical analysis; Raman and IR spectroscopic analysis

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