The Macedonian team continues the success at the International Chemistry Olympiad 2021


  • Miha Bukleski Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje


Seems like the plans for the 53rd International Chemistry Olympiad – IChO of the Organizing Committee, crumbled down after the several waves of pandemic spread in the world. The Japanese hosts were prepared and ready to welcome the delegations from around the world in Osaka, Japan. They had everything prepared for a normal Olympiad, but in February 2021 the Stirring Committee decided that a remote (on-line) Olympiad was the only option since the safety of the participants was the most important. This evoked not having experiments as part of the competition. The practice of this years’ Physics Olympiad could not be implemented at the IChO since it is very difficult to transport chemicals and laboratory equipment. Additionally, when working with standard solutions and samples, it is difficult to conduct the experiments remotely in a manner that every student has equal working conditions. Instead, to maintain the true spirit of the Olympiad, the organizer prepared a virtual practical test – detailed video for the alleged experiments (


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