Synthesis and investigation of mass spectra of some novel benzimidazole derivatives

Hassan K. Ibrahim, Sayed H. El-Tamany, Reda F. El-Shaarawy, Ibrahim M. El-Deen


2-Substituted benzimidazoles (3) and (4a-c) were prepared via condensation of ethyl 2-thionyl-pyruvate (1) and hydrazidoyl derivatives (2a-c) with o-phenylene diamine in acetic acid. Acetylation of compound (4a) with acetic anhydride yielded the corresponding N-acetyl derivative (5). Treatment of compound 4b with hydrazine hydrate gave the corresponding hydrazino derivative (6). Reaction of 2-[(2-thionyl)acetyl)] benzimidazole (3) with hydrazine hydrate gave the pyrazolyl derivative (7) and hydrazino derivative (8). Alkylation of compound 3 with alkyl halide gave the corresponding 2,3-disubstituled benzimidazoles (9a, b). Pyrrolo[1,2-a] benzimidazole derivatives 10 and 11 were prepared via cyclocondensation of compound 3 with acetic anhydride in presence of AcONa and phosphorus oxychloride. The electron impact mass spectra of both of the above series of compounds have also been recorded and their fragmentation patterns are discussed.


mass spectrum; synthesis; and benzimidazoles

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