Crystal structure of triphenyl(quinolin-8-olato)tin(IV)

Mostafa M. Amini, Amirreza Azadmeher, Hamid Reza Khavasi, Seik Weng Ng


Triphenyl(quinolin-8-olato)tin crystallizes as two symmetry-independent molecules whose metal atoms both exist in a cis-C3SnNO trigonal bipyramidal coordination polyhedron that is 29 % distorted toward a square pyramid. The crystal structure [orthorhombic Pbcn space group], with a 26.701(2), b 10.3555(6), c 31.322(2) Å; V 8660.5(9) Å3] is refined from 5950 I > 2σ(I) Mo–Kα reflections measured at 200 K to an R-index of 0.050.


triphenyl(quinolin-8-olato)tin; crystal structure

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