Effect of extraction techniques on yield and composition of soybean oil

Nada Č. Nikolić, Suzana M. Cakić, Sanja M. Novaković, Mirjana D. Cvetković, Mihajlo Z. Stanković


This paper investigated the yield and chemical composition of soy seeds oils obtained by different solvents and by different extraction apparatuses with the aim to compare oils yield and composition. The maximal oil yield with trichloroethylene was achieved by the Soxhlet apparatus after 150 minutes of extraction (21.4 g/100 g) and very satisfactory yield of 20.4 g/100 g, with similar chemical composition, was achieved by reflux, only after 60 minutes. During the Tilepape extraction, the contact of oil with air was continuous and more intensive oxidation reactions occurred and γ-linolenic and linolenic acids were not detected. Between some oil fatty acids and some chemical values, the correlation coefficients were performed by the program STATISTICA version 5.0. The results showed a proper correlation between the iodine value and the oleic acid content as well as between the peroxide value and the linoleic acid content.


soy; oil, extraction; yield; composition

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20450/mjcce.2009.208


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