The association of oxygen-bearing minerals of chalcophile elements in the orogenetic zone related to the “mixed series” complex near Nežilovo, Republic of Macedonia

Nikita V. Chukanov, Simeon Jančev, Igor V. Pekov


New data are obtained for minerals from metasomatic rocks of the orogenetic zone related to the “Mixed series” metamorphic complex situated in the Pelagonian massif near the Nežilovo village, about 40 km SW of Veles, Republic of Macedonia. A specific feature of these rocks is the concentration of chalcophile elements (S, As, Sb, Zn, Pb) mainly in the form of oxides and oxysalts, whereas sulfides and sulfosalts are present only in trace amounts. Rock-forming and accessory minerals have been characterized by electron microscopy, electron mictoprobe analyses and in part by X-ray diffraction and IR spectroscopic data. Some of described minerals (Sb-rich analogue of zincohögbomite-2N6S, hydroxyplumbobetafite, Fe3+-analogue of coronadite) are potentially new mineral species. Some genetic aspects of the formation of oxidized As-Sb-Zn-Pb-rich rocks are discussed.


chalcophile elements; minerals; “Mixed series”; Nežilovo; Pelagonian massif

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