Synthesis of novel 2-amino-5-arylazothiazol derivatives and their biological impacts: Assessment of toxicity and antioxidant enzymes activities

Mohamed Ezzat Khalifa, Mahmoud Abdel-Halim Mohamed, Noura Homoud Alshehri


The reactivity study of both the amino group and the aryl substituent of the newly synthesized 2-amino-5-(4-acetylphenylazo)-thiazole compound and its derivatives via various electrophilic reagents were performed to obtain the expected new bioactive chalcone, imine and pyrazole- thiazolidine derivatives. The synthesized compounds were chemically elucidated by analytical and spectral methods, and biologically evaluated upon screening in vitro and in vivo for their toxicity and antioxidant activity based on liver function enzymes.


2-Aminothiazole, Chalcone, Imine, Pyrazole, Azo coupling, Biological activities.

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