Liquid phase sintering of dense and porous composites obtained from industrial wastes

Darko Miloševski, Ranko Adjiski, Emilija Fidančevska


Metallurgical slag and waste TV glass hawe been used for fabrication of ceramic-glass composite with a controlled porosity. A dense composite consisted of 70 wt% slag and 30 wt% TV glass sintered at 1000 ºC/2h, with the integral porosity of 16 %, has the E–modulus and bending strength of 26.0±1.6 GPa and 60.8±1.9 MPa, respectively. Slag with granulation of 0.125÷0.063 mm and 20 wt% TV glass, sintered at 950 ºC/2h possesses integral porosity of 37 % and E-modulus and bending strength of 11.86±2 GPa and 23.14±2 MPa, respectively, while the composite with the same composition but with porosity of 65 % possesses E-modulus of 2.1±0.3 GPa and bending strength of 3.0±0.4 MPa. The technical coefficient of thermal expansion of the porous systems is 11.12⋅10–6/ºC. The porous composites have been in thermal equilibrium and acted stable in aggressive media.


metallurgical slag; waste glass; sintering; porous structure; mechanical properties; thermal expansion

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