Determination of naproxen by using differential pulse voltammetry with poly (aniline-2-sulfonic acid) modified boron doped diamond electrode


  • Öznur Güngör İnönü University



Naproxen, aniline-2-sulfonic acid, boron doped diamond electrode


In this study, an electrochemical sensor based on a boron doped diamond electrode (BDDE) was developed for the determination of naproxen (NAP) using a poly(aniline-2-sulfonic acid)/boron doped diamond electrode, p(A2SA/BDDE). Polymerization of A2SA was conducted in a water/acetonitrile (1:1) mixture containing 0.1 M sodium perchlorate (NaClO4) on bare BDDE and the electrochemical properties studied by cyclic voltammetry in ferricyanide/KNO3 solution. The prepared p(A2SA/BDDE) was used for detection of NAP. Effects of parameters such as monomer type and concentration, the number of cycles, and scan rate were investigated using differential pulse voltammetry (DPV) in phosphate buffer containing 0.75 mM NAP. The effect of electrolyte type and pH on DPV responses to NAP were also studied. The oxidative current peak stem from NAP concentration observed at 1.1 V potential. A linear calibration curve was obtained in the range of 0.05–1.00 mM NAP concentration. Correlation coefficient (R2), detection limit, and quantification limit were calculated as 0.9944, 0.0328 mM, and 0.1093 mM, respectively. In conclusion, it may be claimed that the modified electrode constructed in this work can be used successfully as a naproxen-selective membrane due to its ease of preparation, high R2 value, and good reproducibility.


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