Quantitative determination of hydroquinone via electrochemical methods at nano-architecture platinum electrode


  • Ahmed A Al-Owais
  • Ibrahim S El-Hallag
  • Elsayed H. El-Mossalamy




Hydrooquinone, convolutive cyclic voltammetry, mesoporous, hexagonal, platinum


Hydroquinone (HQ) was electrochemically measured using convolutive cyclic voltammetry and differential pulse voltammetry (DPV) on a nano-architecture mesoporous platinum film electrochemically grown from a hexagonal liquid crystalline template of C16EO8 surfactant in 1.0 mol/l HClO4. The HQ cyclic voltammograms produced one oxidative peak in the forward sweep of potential and one reductive peak in the reverse sweep. The effect of HQ concentration was investigated using the different electrochemical methods mentioned above. The modified platinum electrode exhibits good sensitivity for the determination of the HQ compound in 1.0 mol/l HClO4. The best executive was found for the i-t curve method developed from cyclic voltammetry of HQ. It exhibits a linear peak current response over the concentration range of 8 to 55 µmol/l, with a detection limit of 0.5726 µmol/l and a quantification limit of 1.9088 µmol/l, confirming the accuracy and sensitivity of this quick, cheap, and easy method.


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