Surface catalytic mechanism-theoretical study under conditions of differential square-wave voltammetry




differential square-wave voltammetry, surface catalytic mechanism, enzyme-substrate interactions, quasireversible maximum, protein-film voltammetry


Differential square-wave voltammetry (DSWV) is the most recent modification of square-wave voltammetry (SWV) developed for advancing the performances of the technique for both analytical and kinetics applications. The differential current-measuring protocol in DSWV leads to improved voltammetric features of the forward and backward current components, in particular when slow i.e., quasireversible or irreversible electrode reactions are studied. In the present theoretical work catalytic electrode mechanism of surface bounded redox species (surface EC’ mechanism) is studied under conditions of the new technique, where E denotes the electrode reaction and C’ refers to the irreversible follow-up regenerative chemical reaction. Presented theoretical data provides a general overview of the EC’ reaction scheme, implying some specific voltammetric features which can be exploited for estimation of relevant physical parameters of the electrode reaction E and the regenerative chemical reaction C’.

Author Biography

Rubin Gulaboski, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Goce Delcev University, Stip

Department of Physical Chemistry and Bioelectrochemistry


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Gulaboski, R., & Mirceski, V. (2022). Surface catalytic mechanism-theoretical study under conditions of differential square-wave voltammetry. Macedonian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 41(1), 1–10. (Original work published May 21, 2022)




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