Dissolved inorganic antimony, selenium and tin species in water samples from various sampling sites of river vardar in Macedonia and Greece

Jožica Majda Serafimovska, Sonja Arpadjan, Trajče Stafilov, Stanko Ilik Popov


A highly effective liquid phase semi-microextraction procedure was applied for determination of
ultra trace levels of dissolved inorganic species of antimony, tin and selenium in river Vardar (from the 2nd
up to 420th km of the river) and its tributaries Crna Reka, Treska, Bregalnica, Pchinja and Lepenec using
electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (ETAAS) for quantification. The concentrations for total
dissolved inorganic antimony were between 6 and 242 ng/l Sb, for Sn(II, IV) – in the range of 2.7–61 ng/l
Sn and for Se(IV, VI) – in the range of 15–75 ng/l Se. The higher oxidation states of antimony and selenium
were found as the predominant form in the studied surface waters.


speciation; antimony; selenium, tin; water; electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20450/mjcce.2011.33


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